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GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Oct 8, 2020

As global competition and a ratcheting pandemic blame game erode diplomatic relations between the US and China, GZERO Media and Citi Private Bank are taking a look at what that growing schism means for the economy, consumers, and the world order. In geopolitical circles it’s known as “decoupling,” a move toward a creation of separate systems for the US and China, particularly when it comes to technology. It’s the biggest global shift since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and has wide-ranging implications that could leave other nations stuck in the middle--or forced to choose sides.

Moderated by Caitlin Dean, Eurasia Group's Head of Financial & Professional Services, this program pairs leading political scientist Ian Bremmer with Citi Private Bank's Chief Investment Officer David Bailin in discussion about one of the greatest risks—and opportunities—of the 21st Century.